weisses winkel, 2010
10 large-format photographic portraits (190x110, pigment prints)
slide-projection of primary colors filters
stereo sound piece

"Laisser alors rétrospectivement le triangle blanc, somme de toutes les exclusions, s’inscrire sur l’anonymat des corps spectateurs, face aux corps pionniers qui comptent"
Christian Gattinoni, 2010, in "Semaine".

this installation is based on the concept of excitable speech, developped by Judith Butler (Excitable Speech: A Politics of the Performative, 1997). citing J.L. Austin's concept of the performative utterance, Butler notes that words’ ability to “do things” makes hate speech possible but also at the same time dependent on its specific embodied context. the use of the reversed triangle, is borrowed both from the nazi identification system in concentration camps, and from its symbolic charge in different cultures. the white color of the triangle is obtained by mixing filters of primary colors.