T, 2009-2010

T, part i : 3 large-format photographic portraits (120x80cm, c-prints)
T, part ii : multiple mono sound piece, on three speakers
T, part ii : black silicon sculpture, 1.20cm

this tripartite installation emerged from a workshop with finnish artist elina brotherus, and deals with the role of Testosterone, which i consider to be a performative liquid, in the construction of one's identity. i decided to work on it through emotions and biology.

during a transgender and transsexual persons meeting in helsinki that i used to attend, i met three transboys called repo, markus and veeti, whom i photographed. i asked them to tell me about the change in their feelings and emotions since they started to take testosterone shots. the sound piece has been written ad re-said by myself, from their stories. the top of the sculpture (reversed pyramid top) contains one year of synthetic testosterone treatment, taken by FTM individuals to make their body features and voice masculine.